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Mole Excavating Guernsey - Previous jobs

Here are examples of Mole work where the benefits are obvious.
The picture below shows the entrance of Specsavers headquarters carpark where the Mole was required to install 120 meters of fibre optic cable that was to act as an essential information link between Specsavers main headquarters building and their newly aquired training building on the same site.

Guernsey Mole Excavating went under the Specsavers Car Park

The use of the Mole allowed the approx 500 Specsavers employees (not to mention visitors, tradesmen and deliveries) vehicular access to the parking area, whereas traditional open cut trenching and reinstating would have caused major disruption for a number of days.

Guernsey Mole Excavating kept this Car Park open

This following job required the Mole to renew an old steel water pipe that was reducing the customers water pressure.

Guernsey Mole Excavating in action

Guernsey Mole Excavating in action

If the use of the Mole was unavailable, to lay the pipe in the ground would have had a high reinstatement cost, through replacing the concrete steps and patio and to drill in to the property, the job would also have taken more than a single working day to complete.

The next pictures illustrate how the Mole was used to install water pipes from a road to properties that had a ground level 4 feet above the road level.
If more conventional methods had been applied then the pipe would have been left to the elements and inevitable damage by having it run up the wall, fortunately the customer realised the benefits of the Mole and now has a professionally installed water service and piece of mind.

Guernsey Mole Excavating under a wall

Guernsey Mole Excavating in action

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