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The Channel Islands & Guernseys only Trenchless specialist

We specialise in the trenchless (no dig) laying of the services that supply your property such as water pipes, electric cables & submains, telecom ducts, oil lines, gas pipes and drainage. 

Trenchless applications can come in very usefull to;

Protect the look of any surface

Reduce site disruption

Save on labour time and material costs in any reinstatement

Gain easier access under walls, foundations, earth banks, roads, driveways, carparks, patios and even entire properties.

Our prices are based on per meter rates that include laying the pipes or cables etc. On occasion there are unforseen obstacles that cant be seen from the surface. These could be poor backfill, old foundations or large boulders but our price will cover us to dig if need be. If we dont mole it, someone else will only have to trench it anyway. We give you the chance to save on disruption and reinstatement costs and always leave a neat & tidy site without extras put on the invoice.

We have saved people a lot of expense and disruption installing new pipes & cables over the years. Moling under tarmac drives, up flights of concrete steps, in to gardens raised 5 feet from road level, across access roads for businesses, accross prized lawns, under patios, under douits in roads for utility suppliers etc.

In short, if you need to get a cable or pipe underground of any length and you would prefer the surface disturbance & reinstatement cost kept to a minimum, in Guernsey we are your best option.
Even if the surface is, in your view not worth being moled under and saved from disruption because you think it might be too expensive and you dont mind it scarred, or an uneven surface after reinstatement, it is still worth getting a price from us as our meterly rate price will work out cheaper in the long run than paying someone by the hour to leisurely rip away and cause damage to your burried electric, water & telecom services.
We carry cable avoidance equipment (a bit like a metal detector) that can locate your existing burried services inc plastic drains which helps us find safe routes for your new pipes & cables. Get the right man for the job and for reassurance, check out our testimonial page to see what some of our previous clients had to say about our service.

As well as giving prices on pipe, cable & duct laying we offer (at very reasonable rates) a sub contract labour service that can be left unsupervised. Included is a highly competant & experienced operative with excavator and city & guilds streetworks qualifications, tipper truck, compressor & tools and cable & pipe detection equipment. Additional labour can also be supplied. 
This gives your project a helping hand and all the necessary tools & equipment without the need to visit or pay for delivery of various hire firms in a tidy single rate hourly package

Guernsey Mole Excavating - How it works

Guernsey Mole Excavating in action

Guernsey Mole Excavating in action

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